Make Room For ...
The Triptones
Feb 08 - Tracking Schedule

Feb 1 - Friday Night - Chris + Tom track drums, guitar on 7 tunes. The 4 tunes Tom wrote and the 3 Chris wrote. Chris tracked bass on his 3

Feb 4 Tom tracked some vocs, bass and additional guitars on his 4 tunes

Feb 7 Thursday night - Chris sang vocs on Shadows/Come Gone/Give It To Me. 

Feb 10 Gary and Chris tracked drums and guitar on 2 of Garys songs. Gary tracked acoustic and vocals on Part Of Me and Chris did percussion. Gary did some keys on Shadows and Lift Me Up. Tom did bass on Lift Me Up. Chris, Gary and Tom did some vocals on Lift Me Up.

Feb 11 - Tom added vocs and guitars to Mountain, Busted and remixed Shadows (w/ new keyboard), Mountain, Busted, Shadows..etc

Feb 12 and 13 - I completed the massive task of splitting the one huge session from Feb1 and Feb 10 into the ten individual song sessions. Renamed tracks, edited,built new session, file dumped all the excess junk, defrag'd the drive and gained back some space.  Re-mixed Give It To Me and Come and Gone.

Feb 18 - I put a second (wah) guitar on Give It To me. Gary submitted final lyrics to MDMA (very cool). I also put the second guitar on Come And Gone. i popped a solo on Caribbean Cruiser as well.  rough mix posted. Added keys and re-mixed Gravity.

Feb 21 - Gary and Justin sang Lonely Nights (used to be Carribean Cruiser) and MDMA. They sang back ups on Give It To Me and Lift Me Up as well. Gary played leads on MDMA and Lift Me Up. Gary played bass on Part of Me. 

Feb 26 - Tom added guitar on Lift Me Up and remixed all songs. 

Feb 28 - Chris sang back ups on Gravity, Busted Again and Give It to me. Chris played percussion on No More Lonely Nights and Give it To me. Yet another complete mix adding 'space sounds' to Gravity.  tom worked a bit more on the cover which will be printed tonight (Feb 29) and the CD will be post-marked tomorrow morning and put in the mail.

Make Room For ...
The Triptones
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