Higher Spirit (The Only One)

There’s a higher spirit
Nothing comes near it
I do declare it’s quite a ride
And the heart will chase it
Egos embrace it
You can’t erase it from your mind

And when I can’t escape the rain clouds
And when I can’t avoid the sun
And when I wake up in the cold, gray dawn
You…. you’re the only one

And I can feel the ground
Tremble all around
Knocking me down, off my feet
And I can taste your salty sea
Rolling off my cheek
As I paddle on out to the deep

It was half past six
Give or take a few ticks
When I saw it flicker in the sky
Just remember any falling star
Just might leave a scar
Should it land in your eye
(right in yo' eye)

This page was last updated: March 30, 2017
Shadows Of Doubt

It seems as I get older
I find less and less there is to say
I just shrug my shoulders
Politely walk away
I tend to pull in from the edges
 Try and tuck it all inside
refuse to do battle
Even when i know that i'm right

guess I'm burning from the inside out
Still learning what its all about
Less concerned with all thats falling out
I'm turning away from the shadows of doubt

I refuse to grow meaner
I swear its all just child's play
I strive to get better
despite what others say 
No I'm not a settler
Just let come what may
i guess i'll try to live leaner
seems less means more to me these days 

guess I'm burning from the inside out
I find i'm turning away from the crowds
Yearning a bit too loud
Turning away from the shadows of doubt

and there's lessons for all to endure
and there's blessings behind every door
confessions will lead to my cure (pure)
no longer question what for

I don't claim to have grown wiser
I've lived far too foolish for that
I don't wear no disguises
I 'm finally cool with who I'm looking at
A simpler existence
You learn to take less than  you give back
Lay down your resistance
and start to rethink your attack

To Build A Fire

to build a fire
there's never a plan
just pure desire
and circumstance
touch two wires
leave spark to chance
she's reaching higher
sit back and watch her dance

she said, catch me on leap year
that's when I take all my chances
and maybe we'll meet there
under different circumstances

to make it rain
just open a window
and entertain 
the great outdoors
when you wear your pain 
like an old winter coat
circle the drain
for ever more

so call me this weekend
And I'll take you dancing
maybe we'll pretend that's it's
different circumstances

maybe we'll start on new year
with a fresh bunch of chances
maybe we'll meet there
under different circumstances

to grow a flower
there must be some light
if love is showered
may the colors be bright
to catch a star
you gonna have to be quick
to know how far ya go
depends on which one you pick

so catch me on leap year
it's when I take all my chances
and maybe we'll be there
under different circumstances

Its Coming On

Can't ya feel it start to unwind 
Can't ya see it or am I just blind
Can ya hear it slippin' out of time
Do you fear it in the back of your mind

I can't shake it I feel it's shaking me
I try and break it right across my knee
I stand and take it, i'll take it for the team
there's no mistaken it sure is plain to see

it's coming on
and we've got to be strong
and I could be wrong
but if divided we stand then not for too long
it's coming on

the cold wind has been bullying the trees
the thick skin getting the third degree
the sly grin from your trusted devotee
pack it in cuz man can't you see

well it's coming on
and it wont be too long
and I could be wrong
but if divided we stand then not for too long
no, not for too long
no, not for very long
it's coming on

well it's coming on
and it feels so strong 
and I could be wrong
well it's coming on
and we knew all along
but if divided we stand then not for too long
not for so long
no, not for very long
no, not for so long
cuz it's coming on
and i hope i'm wrong
but if divided we stand then not for too long
not for very long

The World of Tomorrow:

The sparkle in my eyes, fire
The love, desire
The joy in my heart, sorrow
Yesterday, not tomorrow 
The warmest memories, frozen
Open mind, closing
Laughter, visits less often
Strong bonds, soften

Sunset's first shadow, cast among the hollow
Like a fading rainbow, a faint candle glow
A glimpse of hope to borrow, in the world of tomorrow

Did I disappear in the years?
Cloaked in the fear that I wear
A veil of tears unable to share
Alone in despair, a cross we all bear

My many strengths, failing
Health, ailing
My inner voice, wailing
Calmness, flailing
Tomorrow please, be kind
Broken pieces, bind
What we seek, may we find
Go on or be left behind

Dead To Rights 

Running to the summit, a smile every mile
Keep on gunning for it, and you'll get there in a while
Using every gambit, in the full throttle style
That's how the race is run
Staring down the crown, (locked) tight within your sights
Fear nothing in this town, glow bright as a light
Knock 'em all down, got 'em dead to rights
That's how the game is won
Pumping out the power, showering the crowd
Ninety miles an hour, full blasting loud
Scale every tower, silencing the proud
The spectacle has begun
Living in the moment, never looking back
Trying to re-invent, planning your attack
Feverishly hell-bent, hanging on the track
Show 'em how it's done
In the dead of the night, in the heat of the fight
At the speed of light, the fire ignites
In the heat of the night, in the thick of the fight
Like an eagle in flight, got you dead to rights

Hang Ups 

We got our kinks, or something peculiar
I'm on the brink, you're feeding me lines
Stop and think, or call on your savior
Your weakest link, is tugging on mine

Fix me a drink, neat or its dirty
Ship starts to sink, then throw me a line
Life in the pink, do you think I'm worthy??
(Use) my blood as ink, every line that you sign

Hey Man, whatcha thinkin'??
Holdin' back from me all the time
Hey Man, Whatcha drinking??
Acting like you're so sublime

Well you're always tripping out on something
When your mind is always racing 'round
And you'll end up entertaining nothing
Cuz them hang ups wanna keep you down

Then I try to start forgetting this whole thing
To get both feet back onto the ground
Drop me a line, blow up everything 
Hang up on me without a sound
Outta Sight

Flip topping, cherry popping 
Never stopping to look inside
Wearin’, tearin’ with power steering
And I’m veering off into the night
I disappear outta sight

Short days in so many ways
 I’m amazed I’m not sleeping
Caffeine dreams from way back in my teens
It seems the past comes creeping
Then disappears outta sight

I walk the halls at night
I keep the exits in sight
I curse the breaking light
While I nurse myself back to life
I hide my fears from the truth
I keep on running away
I frame the years of my youth
But never put ‘em on display

Batting lashes and bad porn ‘staches
They do not know what they have done
You stash your past in a laundry basket
‘Insert 4 quarters to run’
A new cycle’s begun
Tail chaser a mind erasure
I need some space to plant my peeve
Knee jerkin’ and chicken fried Gherkins
And more tricks up my sleeve
Than you could ever believe

I walk the streets the streets at night
I keep my enemies in sight
I curse the spinning lights
As they nurse me back to life
I drown my tears in the truth
So why are you running away
I framed the years of my youth
But never put ‘em on display

(Pssst) you read my story now go write your own
At least flip through the pictures
But don’t bore me with the sold-out truth
And then preach it like scripture
Sorry, I didn’t mean to lecture

I climb the walls at night
I can’t keep my spirit inside
I let my dreams see the light
They nurse me back to life
I shoot the fear straight to my vein
With you right by my side
Trapped by the shameless chains
And never put ‘em on display

Going Nowhere

won't ya stay a while, wont ya let down that hair
Tell me what's you're hurry, you're already here
I swear 
theres nothing going on out there

We'll catch and release all space and time
We'll speak in colors and paint a new frame of mind 
outside of the lines
the less you seek the more you find

there's a great big world out there but I aint going
if this is dress rehearsal, I was unaware
come along with me we're going nowhere

slip out of those worries hang 'em on a hook
maybe i could clean maybe you could cook
just beyond that horizon
someday deserves another look

there's a great big world out there but I aint going
if this is dress rehearsal, I was unaware
I see the here and now has got us surrounded
come along with me we're going nowhere

theres a whole lot to be right here
give me your hand i'll take ya there
theres a whole lot to see right here
Won't ya lend me your mind and we'll soon be there'

John Young - Hammond, Keys, Synths - makes everything we do sound better. johnnys been with us from the start - love this man!
Jay Sanderson - Put Lead guitar on Dead To Rights and it was so awesome, we went back and wrote that 12-String intro/Outro based on his melody. thats cools stuff.
Dani Capalbo - acoustic guitar, bass, lyrical inspiration and musical composition  on ' Going Nowhere' - she came in with the chords and the notion of never leaving the cabin. So there lies the foundation of this tune.
Dean Crandley - flew his Lead Guitar on 'Higher Spirit' in from home - via the interweb - and really took the tune to another level. Top player - thanks Dean-O!
Ed Davis - Lead guitar on 'Outta Site' and 'Its Coming On" - Ed played on the first orphans record many years ago and we try really hard to get him to contribute every year. Thanks Ed!
Thunder Chris plays drums, alot of bass, some acoustic guitars and sings on a few. Chris is the driving force behind the Orphans, in on all the sessions, writing his fare share. it would not happen without him.
Brother Tim sang some back-ups on Higher Spirit - Tim is typically our bass player but was unavailable for most of these sessions - we got him in, just at the end - to drink a few pints and sing a  little bit