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The Mornings Aint Warm

planted deep in the back of my head
are the seeds of things my daddy once said
and up sprouted this stubborn old tree
with fading roots and lofted dreams

theres still a couple of two by fours
i guess the ones that would support the floor
of what became that great tree house
man i could see him now

stretched out on that endless limb
to knot the rope for the tire swing
yea thats the swing that broke my arm 
and thats the arm that dont do me no good

when the mornings aint warm
i just think of your smile
when my thoughts get long
i reminisce a while

this old sweater must've caught a thread
who could forget her or the things that she said
'boy im gonna tan your hide'
but all kidding aside

these old values dont exist no more
seems we're living in a different world
dont know the reason why
it all just flew on by

you made me believe in a better way
every second of every day
safe will shield harm
rage will fall to calm

when the mornings aint warm
i just think of your smile
when my thoughts run along
i reminisce a while

barefoot on a hard-wood floor
the cold coming in up under the door
i swear the clock is the devils work
a different face everytime i look

this life sometimes aint our own
but i could never try and do it alone
sometimes i can see you there
oh i see you everywhere

cuz fallen seeds well they tend to spread
and through them all runs a common thread
to lead the way as you grow
and thats to carry it on

when the mornings aint warm
i remember your smile
when my thoughts get long
i think about you a while

I Got None

whatever happened to forgiveness
whatever happened to the long sharp hook of love
what ever happened to convictions
what ever happened to that push might turn to shove
i gotta listen to my reasons 
and stop wishing on some falling  star
and start dancing with my demons
Make em think they can take me just a little too far

and ive been waiting all this time’for this day to come
you got yours I want some

what ever happened to my some day
I guess they fade away just like my yesterdays
I'll be hanging at the drive-in
You can find me down on memory lane

And ive been waiting all this time for this day to come
You got yours and I got none
I'm not blind, i'm not deaf and i'm not dumb
You got yours and I got none
I'd rather give it all away then be stolen from
Sister Serenity

From a war zone, to war at home
Free to roam, the wood
The very land our forefathers stole
Marred with, righteous blood
(Chorus) Sister Serenity, lead me to your sanctuary
                Mother of pity, take me to your city
The peaceful dell, a citadel
Her daily gift of wildflowers
An angel from the heavens fell
Healing shame in darkest of hour
(Bridge)Runaway, hideaway, cast away – your pride
              Their way, your way, my way – has died
              That place, this place, no place – feels right
              Hide my face, in disgrace, see her face – shine bright
Night turns to day, time and tide
Slowly reborn, with hopeful eyes 
Fog of war fades, absent pride
Out of exile, the past euthanized
(Chorus) (add)  Sister Serenity, love is the remedy
                Sharing this country, freedom’s posterity

Happily Ever After

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come and melt my blues away
I’ve been dying for your smile all day
I’m trying to find the reason I’ve been moving so slow
I guess I’m just tired of blaming the snow

So I’m counting on you to lean on me
I’m gonna see this thru I’m gonna set us free
From these daily trials
I want to trade em for smiles
Happily ever after 
Or at least for a while

I tried flipping the world off this morning
I couldn’t find a switch
And never leaving the bed never hurt a bit
And sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down
Ya never know what’s going around
I try kicking it up but keep falling down
Cuz its all I know

So I’m counting on you to come and lean on me
I’m gonna see this thru I’m gonna set us free
From these daily trials
I want to trade em for smiles
I wanna kill em with kindness and grin all the while
I’m gonna lick em with laughter
Drown em in joy
Happily ever after
It’s just a positive ploy 

Whos fooling who

I think theres something sketchy going on
i cant quite put my finger on it now
They're scamming us to get along?
Its in our words and in this song

All Messed Up

I was hanging on the end of the block near the record shop
Waiting for my boys to show
You spilled out of a cab with your bags full of get up n go 
And I wasn’t looking for trouble but it sure has a subtle way of finding me
This time in four-inch-heels and a feel to make a blind man see

(so I had to play my guitar…)

Now all the while I was guessing the mid-West must be missing an angel
Back where the grass is green and the girls grow up so fast
And her daddy warned her that her Hollywood dreams would only lead her to danger
But as I recall I’ve been called worst than that

I said “Baby what you doing on this side of town?”
She said “ I must’ve lost my way…maybe you can show me around some day?”
I said “Babe where ya wanna take it from here? 
She said “we gotta take it slow”
You see I’m , I’m all messed up with no place to go

Now I never asked ya for much just to get on a bus heading anywhere
I hate to sound so cold but we both know how this is gonna end
And in my defense it never made any sense why you were with me in the first place
And if we get out of this one alive maybe we can stay friends
(you know I’d like that…)
Back To What We Know

Stored in some old suitcase in the back of a closet shelf
Holds the stories that all but tell themselves
And maybe long forgotten or on the tip of a razors tongue
They demand a ransom for our young

It never had a frame so the edges were quite frayed
But the image well its quite as clear as day
Deafened by a whisper I swore we all could hear
The silence comes through loud n clear

It says ‘Oh no, where does the time go
I hate to be the one to tell ya so
Come on and walk with me along these random streets 
That only lead us back to what we know

Oh no
Anyway the wind might blow
I hate to be the one to tell ya so
Fly with me across my endless sea
That always leads us back to what we know

Home Again

I was brought up just north of New York City
Where the Merrit greets the Hutch
In a noisy house on a quiet street
Where the neighbors know too much

Theres a weekend in spring when folks throw out old things
and he came home with a broken set of drums
traded a baseball mitt for a Sears n Roebuck kit
and three songs by the Rolling Stones

And they said
Dont you know you can never go home again
Dont you know you should never even look back
You should know all old-time freinds are gone from here
Just as long as the memory's in tact

I had a road-rashed notchback with an in-dash eight track
and quarter tank of gas
If  only I could get out (of) that neighborhood
I'd bet i'd get half a chance

But that hamster wheel is all too real 
and we run as fast as we can
And we headed no where and wound up here
Despite our best laid plans

And they said 'You should know that you can always come home again'
'It'd be real swell to have ya back'
'All your long-lost friends they've been asking for you'
But theres too many memories attached

I took a red-eye at midnight as straight as the crow fllies
touchdown 4 am
The sun was on the rise and much to my surprise 
never to go down again
An Architect Of Peace
(Music - Jay Miles)

“School Prayer” by Diane Ackerman

In the name of the daybreak
And the eyelids of morning
and the wayfaring moon
and the night when it departs,

I swear I will not dishonour
my soul with hatred,
but offer myself humbly
as a guardian of nature,
as a healer of misery,
as a messenger of wonder,
as an architect of peace.

In the name of the sun and its mirrors
and the day that embraces it
and the cloud veils drawn over it
and the uttermost night
and the male and the female
and the plants bursting with seed
and the crowning seasons
and the firefly and the apple,

I will honour all life
- wherever and in whatever form
it may dwell – on Earth my home,
and in the mansions of the stars.

The Lonely Orphan

Well i'm just a lonely orphan
wearing somebody's hand-me-down shoes
Well i sure aint got nothing
So i damn sure got nothing to lose

On the day i was born
i started paying my dues
mom and daddy kept on drinking their booze
I swear i gave em both a bad case of the blues
And its been this way since they've been printing the news

Well i'm just a lonely orphan
Wearing somebody's hand-me-down shoes (oh my!)
Well i sure aint got nothing here
So i damn sure got nothing to lose here

When i grow up to be a man
Just one thing i'd do if i can
gonna bang on your door and wish you well
Momma and daddy you can both go to hell

Well i'm just a lonely orphan
Spent a year staring at the wall 
Well i aint happy and i aint sad
I'm just shuffling through these empty halls

When i grow up to be a man
Just one thing i'd do if i can
gonna bang on your door and wish you well
Momma and daddy you can both go to hell

Because i'm just a lonely orphan
wearing hand-me-down shoes
i'm just a lonely orphan
And i swear i got nothing to lose