The (approx.) 1000sq.ft. space was designed to be flexible, fully functional and comfortable yet still reside underneath my home. The mission has been to effectively record groups of musicians simultaneously (all playing at once) while obtaining the necessary amount of isolation needed to achieve the desired mix. The live room comfortably invites as many as 5 players while guitar amps and speakers are contained in remote isolation rooms. Softer sound sources, such as vocals can be cut 'live' from the iso-booth with very little bleed from the bombastic drummer in the main room. Large, flexible particians section off the space, which allows detailed mic placement in a live-band enviroment. Line-Of-Sight remains in tact with windows and CCTV feeds from many angles. Custom headphone monitoring for all payers is provided by personal mix stations in strategic locations. The acoustically-tuned mix room allows for critical listening but also provides a comfortable space for bands to listen, over-dub or simply hang -out.

Spring of 2014 brought us expansion with an 16'x16'  addition off of the main studio entrance. This is mostly a glass structure with plenty of natural light, fresh air and bright surfaces ideal for tracking acoustic instruments with full isolation from the main tracking area. Equipped with direct playback off of the board, this room serves as a comfortable listening space of anything that comes through the control room. 

Simultaneously capturing 24 sources from 7 isolated spaces while maintaning a "live-band" situation provides all of the flexibilty required to track, mix and master a high-quality recording - indeed!